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Cut off the corners of my lips,
And I won’t say a thing.
I don’t wanna hear nothin’ but the last words you said,
Oh, I’ll just let ‘em ring.
I know I’ll hear you again, I know I’ll see you again,
Oh, that’s just the thing.
‘Cause by then we will be different,
And perhaps our love will have changed.

What if we change?

Time’s a record on its table,
With the present for a needle,
And we’re scratchin’ the surface,
How should I know what’s comin’ next,
When the past is such a mess,
Guessing’s not even worth it.
I try to put you into words,
And all the songs that I have heard,
But I can’t do it.
You’re a mystery to me,
You’re a color I can’t see,
Will that ever change?

Will that ever change?

Time’s a record on it’s table,
With the present for a needle,
And we’re scratching the surface.




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Dave Armstrong Nashville, Tennessee

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