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This song has been referred to as "The Pink Floyd Tune" several times. I will speak honestly and say that I have listened to Dark Side Of The Moon about 3 times in my life, and all 3 of those experiences were after I wrote this song.

None of those experiences have helped me to get the reference.

However, after having the comparison made, I must say that I am proud to find Pink Floyd's music and mine being connected.

Rock on. Or, in Pink Floyd's case, Shine On.


The day we met, your eyes were green,
I was a mess, you were somewhere in-between,
Your tears said everything.

I watched your lips; thin and pink, let go of their grip on your teeth.
But you weren’t happy,

And so you cried, and hid those eyes,
Like a full moon in a crescent sky,
There was nothing to hide behind,

Say that you won’t,
I know that you can, but I hope you don’t hide them from me.

Morning eyes get quiet at night,
Like a fearful bride; your trust a dress of white, but terror trails behind.

It’s black and wet, color’s easy to forget,
If it’s always the same when you look back; behind you a grey moon,

But late at night, I’ll take the stars out of your eyes,
And hang them in your room, so when you wake there will be light,
Light to see by,

Say that you care,
You don’t have to, but I hope that you will share the light with me,
With me…

A hope is not enough to hold me up,
And neither are you,
My heart is a sun that has not set,

Selfless love cannot touch your heart the way that I want to,
How do I love your heart the way that I should do?
How do I give my heart to love and honor you?

Friday rain, I held you in arms of rusted brass,
I’m the light switch to a heart, encased in tinted glass,

My love is a shade, a weak and strange thing that I made,
But what if it pales, what if it fades?
Time burns me away.

But late at night, I’ll take the stars out of your eyes,
Keep one in my pocket, and leave the rest at your bedside,
Light to see by.
Light to see by.




all rights reserved


Dave Armstrong Nashville, Tennessee

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