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Andrew Bird meets Damien Rice meets Clint Eastwood's breakup song.


Don’t put me in the same room with her,
I’ll just take the failure,
Don’t hold me in the same arms as hers,
I can hear the laughter,

Of bitterness and broken days,
I took a few of your dreams away,
But you gave ‘em up just to sleep again,

Don’t taste my lips, it’s turning into work,
My tongue is not a time-card,
Don’t take my hand,
Just shut your mouth,
There’s nothing left to talk about,
You haven’t got a right to say it now,

I didn’t want - I didn’t want you.
I didn’t have - I didn’t have you.

Just put me in the same room as her,
I can face the failure,
But don’t wake me in the morning with her,
Her sleep is like a laughter,

That comes and lifts my smile high,
But when it’s over my teeth are dark stars in the night that can’t be seen through my lips.

Lips and hips and fingertips touching me,
Silver dollars in your eyes,
The love you want isn’t free,
Just don’t say a word, don’t touch me now,
Your hands can’t lead you out,
Not through me.

I think I want - I think I want you.
I think I have - I think I have you.
I think I want...




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Dave Armstrong Nashville, Tennessee

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